«A piano oasis in the heart of the city of Barcelona»

Nina Hörbelt, Tretze student


At Tretze, we want our students to have an unparalleled experience playing and listening to the piano.

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Discover the joy of practicing in our rooms.

For this reason, we ensure that the center has the best instruments and installations.

Multipurpose room with a YAMAHA S3X ARTESANAL-PREMIUM series grand piano and a NUX1 practice piano.

A perfect space for group activities: concerts, student meetings, auditions, and talks. You can also spend some time there reading one of our selection of books or practice a little before starting your class.

Soundproofed room with a YAMAHA C3 grand piano.

Perfect for recordings. You will enjoy playing our YAMAHA C3, without noise interference and with natural light pouring in through its large window.

Soundproofed room with a YAMAHA C2 grand piano.

Acoustically isolated and comfortable. Perfect for practicing without distractions.

The joy of
playing the piano