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About us

Our names are David Albanell and Alfredo Armero. We are both pianists with more than 20 years of experience performing and teaching the piano.

We trained at the Academia Marshall in Barcelona, where we also worked as teachers, under the direction of Alicia de Larrocha.

In 2009 we decided to start up our own project. We moved our pianos to an apartment building in Gracia where we began to give classes, always with the idea of eventually setting up our own music centre devoted to the teaching of piano.

We set up Tretze Piano Studio in 2017, in the Barcelona district of Sant Gervasi. Tretze is the culmination of many years of hard work and a desire to continue sharing our passion for piano.

In 2019 Rosario Alvarez,  pianist and singer trained in Argentina and the United States, joins the team, contributing to a broader approach to our vision of work, always trying to make  an extraordinary experience out of learning to play the piano.

Our services


We provide private piano tuition to people from all walks of life. Our students are of all ages and levels: Children, adult beginners, professionals – anybody interested in learning how to play the piano.

You will learn to play in a comfortable environment, to read and understand music sheets, to give meaning to each piece of music and to explore the different sounds that can be produced through playing the piano.

We use a personalised approach to teaching which is adapted to your objectives. Your progress is what is important to us.

Group activities

At Tretze Piano Studio we organise a range of activities:

Musical Meet Ups. Informal gatherings giving our students the opportunity to play the pieces that they have learnt and also listen to their fellow students. Sharing music provides a great deal of motivation.

Intimate Classical Concerts. Live concerts in a cozy and comfortable environment with background explanations of the musical pieces provided by the musicians themselves.

Preparatory sessions for concert goers. We select some of the most interesting concerts of the season and organise discussion groups to comment on the music programme and the pianist. A better understanding of the concert allows you to go deeper and enjoy the music even more.

Informal chats and workshops. Informative sessions about diverse music topics. Case studies concerning composers, pianists and musical pieces, together with music theory courses for non professionals, all provided in a clear and accesible way.

Other services

Sound Recordings. Our grand piano and sound proofed studio are available for music sound recordings.

Music Ideas and Advice.  We can help you to find and select music and musicians for a special occasion.

Composition and Musical Arrangements.

The studio

At Tretze Piano Studio we provide a unique experience and environment for learning to play the piano and listening to music. Our installations and instruments are the following:

Grand piano room

A sound proofed piano room equipped with a Grand Piano and sound recording accessories. You will enjoy playing our Yamaha Baby Grand, in a silent environment with lots of natural light entering through a large sound proofed window.

Vertical piano room

A sound proofed room with an Upright Piano. A cozy space where apart from playing the piano you can  listen to some music whilst reclining on our chaise-longue.

Multipurpose room with grand piano

A multipurpose room equipped with another Grand Piano. It´s an ideal space for group activities, auditions, chats and meet ups. You can also spend some quality time reading a book from our mini library.



David and Alfredo are demanding but they also balance this with encouragement. It´s the approach we need in order to enjoy playing the piano as a family. I love seeing how they stimulate Pablo and Sol with musical awareness and creativity, whilst also stressing the importance of perseverance to get rewarding results. I have also been lucky enough to have learnt how to play pieces for four hands together with my children.


David already had me playing the piano in my first class and I found it fascinating. 5 years have passed and I can´t believe how far I have come. Thanks to David and to my own personal efforts, it’s something that I enjoy tremendously!


From the very first moment I realised that this was something special. Thanks to the expertise and enthusiasm that Alfredo and David have imparted, I have been able to enjoy and share the passion for music and everything that it represents. It has helped me to grow, not just as a pianist, but also as a person.


Alfredo and David not only teach me how to play the piano, but more importantly they show me how to meaningfully interpret the music.


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